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Friday, 14 December 2018

Karunya KR 375 Kerala Lottery Result 15.12.2018

Karunya KR 375 Kerala Lottery Result 15.12.2018: Kerala lottery draw for the 375th Bagaykuri represented by Kerala state lotteries have been unveiled. The information provided from the various sources regarding the sale was featured for Live on 7 days very successfully. The official Live streaming results can be downloaded from the portal made by the Kerala state lottery department and make sure you were included in the winning numbers updated by the same.  The below download button will help you to know the results of today's KR375 Karunya lottery draw which has been figured out from Sree Chitra center.


Friday, 7 December 2018

Karunya KR 374 Kerala Lottery Result 8.10.2018 Live Today

Karunya KR 374 Kerala Lottery Result 8.10.2018 Live Today: Karunya lotteries has been successfully declared the notification on KR374 lottery results online. The Live streaming update regarding the 374th chronological event under Karunya lotteries has been officially made Live from Sree Chitra auditorium from 3.30 PM onwards as mentioned in the stipulations followed by the same tickets as on 8th December 2018. You can check free to download the results here from our portal made for the same.

Karunya KR 374 Kerala Lottery Result 8.10.2018 Live Today

Karunya lottery result 8.10.18 has been made official by the Kerala state lottery department here today and the streaming updates can be accessed or can be downloaded. The results format for the Karunya lottery KR374 in the form of 4 and 6 digits. Well, the more sequence on regarding the Karunya lottery result for today's draw can be accessed here with us using the below downloading link.


Friday, 30 November 2018

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Pooja bumper 2018 Results 30.11.2018

Pooja bumper 2018 Results 30.11.2018: The very lucky person for this season has been unveiled. The official declaration of Pooja bumper 2018 result is now Live at Sree Chitra center along with the Nirmal NR97 results. After the successful declaration of Onam bumper results online, lottery department of Kerala unveiled the lucky update of Pooja bumper BR64 tickets. The ticket price money comes around 150 and if take a book it will be 120 per ticket. The sale lasts for a period of 2 months and figured BR64 to sell out more than 10 lakhs of tickets in a span of this time.

Pooja bumper 2018 Results 30.11.2018

Pooja Bumper 2018
Pooja Bumper 2018 Courtesy: Quintdaily
Pooja bumper BR64 updates and notification as stated in the ticket unveiled along with the sale. However, the ticket forwarded the stipulation in such a manner that each ticket of BR64 prizes in digits of 4 and 6 got different features. Each feature of the ticket has been executed at the backside of the Pooja bumper 2018. 

Well, the Christmas new year bumper tickets are ready for their entry after the declaration of this Pooja bumper 2018. Let us take a look on to the idea on how to check the results for the Pooja bumper Bagyakuri BR64 here Online.

To check Pooja bumper 2018 Results Online:

  • Go to the ticket and make sure the Pooja bumper series dated 30.11.2018 matches evenly with the series of draw BR64.
  • Download the BR64 results from here: 
  • Follow up the pattern and check whether your tickets number of 4 and 6 included or not.
  • Make sure that the Subseries of BR-64 tickets managed for the Pooja bumper lottery scheduled 30.11.18 matches.
  • The prize money can be collected for the BR64 tickets as per the follow up in the upcoming days as per procedure what lottery department says.
  • You are done.


Friday, 23 November 2018

Karunya KR372 Kerala Lottery Result 24.11.2018 -

Karunya KR372 Kerala Lottery Result 24.11.2018: Karunya lottery draw for the Karunya KR-372 results has unveiled very successfully. There were plenty of people who have been taken the tickets from17th of November 2018 till today. In order to check your Karunya lottery result then winning numbers of KR-372 Kerala lottery will follow 4 and 6 digit series. You can follow the procedure leads to check your Karunya lottery results for the 372nd chronological draw very successfully from here.

Karunya KR372 Kerala Lottery Result in detail:

The 40 Rupee ticket winning 80 lakhs draw for yet another Kerala lottery draw for the KR series has announced today. You can keep following the steps given below to check the Karunya lottery KR372 results Online here. The 7 days sale leads this 80 lakhs winning Kerala Bagyakuri almost the better level.

  1. Make sure that the ticket KR372 of Karunya Bagyakuri Saturday which has been taken follow the draw date 24.11.18.
  2. Confirm the subseries, as well as bar codes provided on the tickets of KR372 you have collected, are genuine.
  3. Feel free to Download your Karunya KR372 results from here: Download Now.
  4. You are done.
The update of selling KR373 tickets of December 1st draw Karunya lottery tickets can be checked from the nearby store. Meantime, the last 30 days draw as well as 4 last draws Karunya lottery queries are welcomed here on our portal. 

Final words:

Got anything to ask us regarding Karunya lottery results followed you from here which has been updated on 24.11.2018. The comment box given below under this article can be asked the doubts regarding the same.