Friday, 14 September 2018

Karunya KR362 Kerala Lottery Result 15.9.2018

Karunya KR362 Kerala Lottery Result 15.9.2018: The lottery draw has been scheduled for the Karunya KR362 tickets. The official live draw for the event scheduled today and has been carried out successfully. As per the information, the KR362 tickets were sold out various part of Kerala at the best. Perhaps, the 80 lakhs winning doesn't impact much the efficient sale as pointed today due to Onam bumper 2018 is leading at its best in these weekends due to the last week sale updated by the same.

However, each Karunya Bagyakuri followed the best pattern of sale and best income figured out by the dealers who work hard at its best.

Check live Karunya KR362 results here.


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